Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sonia Rykiel's Noel Collection 2010

Isn't it the cutest thing you ever saw..spoil your friends with a very cute and memorable gift...I FELL
IN LOVE WITH IT the moment I spotted can still find it at Rubaiyat Alkhayat center Jeddah..
What better way to put a smile on someones face with this small gift :)

Sonia Rykiel is one of Bamba's Recommendations  

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For all you purple lovers out there :) what better way to help yourself design your website with PURPLE Examples!!! it will help you find ways to ad that marvelous color in your designs


Monday, September 5, 2011

Spot the Hidden Element

Things are not always what they seem, For all you Logo lovers this will definitely interest you, Spot the
hidden element in the following logos:
1.                                                                                                              2.

3.                                                                                                         4.                                                                                                          
5.                                                                                                            6.


1.Hartford Whalers The logo shows 3 concepts at the same time. A whale’s tail, letter “W” in green and the white space forming an “H” for Hartford.
2. Yoga Australia Logo 
At first glance the logo may look like a simple picture of a young girl doing her yoga exercise but if you watch it carefully the body posture is creating the Australia Map.       
3.Toblerone Logo I never noticed the brilliant logo while enjoying my bar. You must be thinking what is there to find out as it clearly shows the Swiss Alps? Let me explain…Toblerone originated in Bern, Switzerland – A city whose name is rumored to mean, “City of bears”. When you look at it again you will find a bear in the logo.

4.Lafayette Logo If you’ve ever visited one of the famous stores in Paris – Galeries Lafayette, you will notice that it’s logo represents Paris with its joined letters “t” to form Eiffel Tower. C’est magnificique!

5.FedEx Logo You would say you have seen it thousand times but just to make you notice an arrow formed between the letters "E" and "X" conveying speed, direction and reliability of this amazing courier service.

6.Heart Beats Although it is quiet evident but still I liked the concept a lot. Two musical notes are bent in a way to make a heart and and headphones. The softness of this logo expresses “Love for Music

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hermes reached to a point where it can easily cost more than the car you ride in everyday....SWEET!
The question is which one ?

Bamba's choice :) 

                                                                    My ultimate favorite

whoever said handbags aren't worth it obviously is an idiot!....I dont know about you but I wish i manufactured bags right now.