Friday, May 10, 2013

Lets Visit The Amazing Shoe Maker

Surprisingly Salvatore Ferragamo is a huge deal in Florence. The designer has been a legend every since he was nine obviously you can get a brief about his life from wikipedia but I would love to share a few pointers I picked up from his amazing museum.

Salvatore was the 11th of fourteen siblings, he always had a passion for shoes. After he studied shoe making and started making them for his family he decided it wasn't enough so he moved to california to to focus on creating the perfect fit. He became famous when he started to make shoes for Hollywood stars then royal families and he was only slightly above 20 years old.

Check out the link just for a brief

I will only be able to show you pictures from the outside photography is banned from the inside which is really disappointing it is such a master piece. It has been created to emphasize on Fairytales coming true. The atmosphere is like a part you can see at disney it even has a small theatre room that displays an outstanding movie clip created just about him called the "white shoe".
White Shoe    kindly take your time to get inspired from the amazing short film by Mauro Borelli. I cant seem to find the whole thing which is a must see!
The Museum also contains displays with shoes and elements that were also created for cartoons such as puss and boots, dorothy of the wizard of oz, the peachy cobbler and many more. 
One of my favorite parts was a room filled with illustrations of his life. a sequence of posters uncovering his journey to become the Shoe maker of dreams.
The work was illustrated by Frank Espinosa an animator that worked also for Disney and Warner Bros he also redesigned the Looney Tunes in 1992.
This is a sum of the technique I favor and I want to learn and practice .

FLORENCE — The Salvatore Ferragamo Museum here has just unveiled its latest exhibition, “The Amazing Shoemaker — Fairy Tales and Legends about Shoes and Shoemakers,” which will run until March 31, 2014.
I highly recommend to list this as a must see plus Florence is just perfect for a vacation.

The window displays were quite eye catching pop up books that work with his story.

With all the amazing new designers that are creating the mad footwear we forgot the legends whom started it all. The artists that designed shoes for a purpose more than how it looks. People who studied the foot, the mechanism and style. I have a whole new respect for Salvatore he is indeed a magician who intended to create fairytales for fashion lovers like ourselves.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Riyadh Rocks Kenzo

The tiger finally has been unleashed after the long wait.... The Tiger event was held in Riyadh last Tuesday a lot of complains from Jeddah though maybe next time obviously Kenzo are planning lots of cool up comings I will try to keep everyone posted.

As you may acknowledge that this is the last 2 seasons with the whole tiger print as I mentioned before in my previous Kenzo post. Yes!!! lots of people are waiting for the eye Im not sure Im one of them we will have to wait and see.

The event was a total success I hope everyone got a chance to get their Tiger Tshirts and Jumpers I obviously got mine.

 Lucky me the tshirts we received were in white couldn't resist

                                                 Kenzo Coffee Travel Mugs as giveaways
In love with mine

I hope all attendees received theirs.

Our favorite part in all events of course are the photos, Tiger masks for everyone  
Last but far from least the Kenzo Jumpers, received them in 5 styles
 but the Army green selection was my top pick

 Kenzo's brand manager dressed her jumper pretty well I might say

 I dressed my tshirt with High waist black pans, Statement necklace, YSL magenta cross bag and my fav Sonia Rykiel heels
I hope you all enjoyed the event kindly share all photos on
I would love to see how you dressed your jumper or tshirt