Friday, December 9, 2011

Mohammed Ehsai

College might not be the period of time everyone favors, but It will always open your eyes to topics and people you would have never known if you never attended that darn typography class!!

Mohammad Ehsai an Iranian Calligrapher who made me include Arabic typo in almost all of my designs.
He was Born in 1939, in Iran Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University
Winner of French National Award, Int. Painting Festival, France, 1974
Art Professor, Tehran University and Editor of Iranian National Art text books.
Mohammad Ehsai was born in Qazvin, Iran in 1939. Ehsai was classically trained in traditional calligraphy, such as Nastaliq and Muhaqqaq. He was one of the leading artists incorporating Persian script, into new artistic expressions shaped by symbolic art forms found in Shi’i religious works. As an intellectually curious artist, his desire to know more about the way in which art is expressed in different cultures led him to travel and study in several European and Asian countries, where he also exhibited widely.
Mohammed Inspired me to learn how to paint, I didn't succeed yet but one day I will. The color combination he uses is so magnificent which makes it feel unreal.His brush strokes
carry a lot of movement and direction plus he always uses Islamic ornaments and Quraan versus which makes it even more spiritual.
This is Some of my favorite paintings:

He also did posters and logos....what an inspiration 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

BLAIR in Balenciaga

Hey there upper east siders!!
Blair Waldorf escapes with this astonishing Balenciaga piece which was SPOTTED at Rubaiyat Modern Luxury at Al Khayatt center Jeddah....Hurry up Ladies I don't think it will last for long as we all know its the dress she wore when she ran off with the her one true love :P

At first I didn't really like the dress but I tried it on with a simple mustard cardigan and a nice pair of heels it
looked great.

Take a good look at the details 

Available in another color :)