Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A day At LIBERTY London

Liberty might be considered one of my favorite places in London, its such a great experience not only for luxury shopping but also stationary, books and gadgets.
I was keen on attending this event that was held last weekend "GET CREATIVE"

I had the chance to get the whole tour on saturday, I can tell you that I was surprised how much 
people appreciate a good post card around here imagine if it was customized


 As you can see below did a special live customization on note cards and stationary 
for a better price in the store


As for Denim Lovers, Current Elliot they offered a customization with every jeans purchase.
You were allowed to customize it with your initials, embroidery and liberty patches

As for shoe lovers this was my favorite part


A famous English shoemaking brand brought their Lab exclusively to Liberty
to give you the chance to customize your oxfords, from soles, fabrics
colors and even writing in the lining is especially made as per your request
and delivered to you in 8 weeks

The event was a success in my opinion there more sections of course 
including jewelry and engraved fragrance