Thursday, December 18, 2014

Xue Wang

XUE WANG was born in northern China in 1980, the year of the mischievous monkey. After a BA degree in Fashion in China at Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art in Shenyang she relocated to London aged 22 and to finish her MA at University of Westminster. Painting and drawing, playing around with ideas, juxtaposing images and allowing her imagination free reign have all helped guide her development. The self-reflective intimacy of art, which has always been latent in her, forced Xue's transition from fashion to painting. 

" My creative impulse is driven by a fascination with childhood paraphernalia: dolls, toys, fairy tales, stage sets, fun fairs, found objects mixed with whimsy. These personal recollections are complimented by the cultural heritage of Victoriana, vintage fashion, film iconography, pin-up imagery etc. We cannot escape the past and our sweet yesterdays, whether imagined or real, are my repository. Any search for particular meaning in my idiosyncratic work may not yield much. If one word were chosen to describe my paintings, it would be ‘edgy’. Superficially they may appear ‘cute’ but my intention is to unsettle, albeit subtly. As the creeping wasp on the fairy cake does." - Xue Wang

I found out about xue wang from my scroll through castle gallery in Nottingham, her art kind of grabbed my attention because it kind of looked like a narration and how they all have female figures.

For more info to buy her work check her website

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Barbie Isn't for only Moschino Anymore

Barbie is not becoming an usual fashion statement anymore. After Moschino, Barbie collaborated with many brands to bring the feeling of pink back to life.

One of the collaborations was with Wildfox

“As a girl who played with Barbie, the whole collection itself was inspired by my imagination come to life. I thought of what she and her friends would have really worn and saw them as eighties/nineties shabby chic,” explains Creative Director, Kimberley Gordon. “Barbie was also a woman with so many occupations, so we wanted to show that in the ‘My Resume’ tee. She is all about acting out stories, which is what we do at Wildfox through our models in each campaign. I was thrilled at the opportunity to create a collection with Barbie…visiting the Mattel office was really exciting.” 

To make the event more appealing, Selfridges designed a photo booth on their Wild fox corner
for customers to finally live the Barbie Doll experience

For more pictures of the collection check

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A day At LIBERTY London

Liberty might be considered one of my favorite places in London, its such a great experience not only for luxury shopping but also stationary, books and gadgets.
I was keen on attending this event that was held last weekend "GET CREATIVE"

I had the chance to get the whole tour on saturday, I can tell you that I was surprised how much 
people appreciate a good post card around here imagine if it was customized


 As you can see below did a special live customization on note cards and stationary 
for a better price in the store


As for Denim Lovers, Current Elliot they offered a customization with every jeans purchase.
You were allowed to customize it with your initials, embroidery and liberty patches

As for shoe lovers this was my favorite part


A famous English shoemaking brand brought their Lab exclusively to Liberty
to give you the chance to customize your oxfords, from soles, fabrics
colors and even writing in the lining is especially made as per your request
and delivered to you in 8 weeks

The event was a success in my opinion there more sections of course 
including jewelry and engraved fragrance 

Monday, September 29, 2014


As you may all not be aware of I have moved to England for a year, Im doing my masters in Branding and Identity design in Nottingham Trent University. So far so good but Winter didn't strike just yet. 

What I love about this city that its crazy in design and fashion ;Shopping and Bookstores everywhere not sure if we can compare it to London yet but atleast its all in one place and its walking distance.

I fell inlove with this place "IDEAS ON PAPER", so much inspiration feed for a designer located in one area Cobden Chambers, Nottingham. A start up hub for independent retail
businesses that aim to learn the customers personality.

The shop is owned by Alex Smith, a guy who always was inspired by independent shops.
The concept of the store is mostly around independent magazines, journals, books and
collaborating with a number of local makers and creatives Ideas on paper.
The space of the store makes it easy to take a look on whatever interests designers 
mostly but I advise you to come alone its too small for people to bother you, its full of goodies aaaand he serves coffee.

For a closer look follow them on :
Instagram : Ideas_on_Paper
Twitter : @Ideas_on_Paper

Friday, September 12, 2014

A good example of advertising

Not my favorite choice of jewelry.. but they have presented a very good example of creative advertising

Have A blessed Friday 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Logo option

As I have mentioned that we will be releasing our first greeting cards batch hopefully by Ramadan..
I apologize for being this late.. Wish me the best of luck

we decided to go ahead with a more simplified logo with both their names
Bamba & Banafsaje but in arabic 
i have never had the chance to explain it to my international viewers
the meaning of Bamba & Banafsaje (Fuschia & Purple)

kindly let us know what more would you want to see from the characters 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Peekaboo Project

We can all agree on how FENDI has become awesome again since the launch of their essential master pieces their 2 JOURS!!! and then my personal favorite  MINI 2 JOURS,  next on my wish list 

For the opening of their flag store in London Fendi decided to blow us away with
collaborating and creating a team of women that touched us all.
They have designed Peekaboo handbags related to those celebrities and have the copy 
sold in a charity auction for Kids
what makes it more amazing is that the bags actually look great!!




         JERRY HALL






There will be a dedicated online auction on
You can read more on the website