Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lets Talk LANVIN....

One of my visits in Paris was LANVIN... every woman's dream and the definition of classy, stylish and unique. For this season LANVIN is all about the accessories .
Their effort was mostly on their bold necklaces which were my favorites I never thought an accessory could be this bold just by using English typo and their leather goods collection . My feedback on the clothing couldn't even describe how the cuts and fabric highlights Alber's magnificent work all I wished for is to meet him.

LANVIN never disappoints it felt great to be part of their
team to observe their great hospitality, study of the market and presentation of product which makes their brand glow
and stand out from rest. To have a LANVIN dress or evening piece is like owning a piece of timeless jewelry whether the piece was short, long , colorful or  even over sized it still
lives and breathes the extravagance.

Can twait to get my hands on the necklaces.

  As long as were talking about LANVIN I would liketo introduce their beautiful choices for gifts that were released Spring Summer 13. I fell inlove with the Illustrations I own the Iphone cover and I simply love the technique of the doodling. You can find them at Rubaiyat Al Khayatt Center Jeddah its the perfect selection for a gift.

                                                                      Playing Cards
 The Notebook 




Have a close look at the captions on the note books hilarious available also the IPAD and Iphone cover in the same illustration as the playing cards.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lets Talk Fashion, Lets Talk Paris Lets Talk Fashion Week

One of my highlights from Paris's trip is visiting the showrooms of some of my favorite brands.

Kenzo was one of them. As you may be aware that Kenzo has totally changed their direction since Antonio Marras left the business we will never forget his lovely touch ups.

After Humberto Leon and Carol Lim joined the team we have witnessed alot of unusual changes for this season I totally support them.

As for myself I'm still not over the amazement of the whole Tiger face and print of FW 12 and SS13 maybe because I still didnt get my hand on my own sweater because all of them are 
literally sold out WORLD WIDE. 

The colorful leopard and animal prints were a huge success for 
Kenzo all shoes and accessories were also a huge advanced step.

This season's fashion show the designers took a higher and more riskier bar according to the reviews and feedback ALL EYES WERE ON KENZO.. 

This season the show took place in  the courtyard of La Samaritaine, the shuttered fancy department store in Paris’s first arrondissement they perfect location to shock the crowd.

FALL/WINTER is all about the Asian Warrior silhouette. Cropped jackets with rounded shoulders, wrap skirts, and A-line dresses were all composed of sharp folds. But if the structured silhouettes were Far East-warrior-esque then the prints seemed Asian inspired in a broader sense, bringing to mind the rich textiles of India, Mongolia, and Tibet.
The New Eye element is what everyone wants for this season.
The showroom was filled with all kinds of pans, sweatshirts and
dresses with the eye print which surprisingly
looks stylish and hip.   My favorite was mostly the tshirts where  I mostly like to keep weird prints.
For me I wont consider wearing an eye dress Im not that confident but I'm sure people are already considering what EYE items they are going to purchase.

Visiting Kenzo and living the whole experience of a New launch felt great . The product knowledge and exposure of patterns and fabrics makes you love your purchase from the brand even more.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. Kenzo FW 13

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lets Talk ART, Lets Talk Food Lets TALK PARIS!! 2

Lets Talk Food

The Land of Macaroons and Dessert C ravers.

I would like to emphasize on the fact that I'm a Tiramisu Lover

after having it in Paris I dont think I will have it anywhere else
One of my colleagues recommended this place called 
Unisex in Champs Elysee.. Dont miss it


Another very good choice is Maison de la Trufee very famous in Paris has two branches at the moment one in Champs Elysee another good choice for Mushroom Lovers 
I highly recommend the Risotto.

I will be posting more choices of the recommended places for Paris visitors
that I was given to by the French themselves ;)

Bon Appétit

Lets Talk ART, Lets Talk Food Lets TALK PARIS!!

its been awhile since we posted anything interested caught up with lots of events and work I hope this
is worth the gap.

LETS TALK PARIS.. the city of LOVE, ART and especially food I would like to mostly give you a peak of the wonderful pieces aaand dishes I had while I was in Pariiii.

Paris's art I think the Images speak for themselves .... 


Street Art never looked so amazing I love the abstract technique never was a fan of graffiti..

Random Galleries are my favorite <3

 .............stay tuned for the Amazing dishes and restaurant recommendations.