Monday, September 29, 2014


As you may all not be aware of I have moved to England for a year, Im doing my masters in Branding and Identity design in Nottingham Trent University. So far so good but Winter didn't strike just yet. 

What I love about this city that its crazy in design and fashion ;Shopping and Bookstores everywhere not sure if we can compare it to London yet but atleast its all in one place and its walking distance.

I fell inlove with this place "IDEAS ON PAPER", so much inspiration feed for a designer located in one area Cobden Chambers, Nottingham. A start up hub for independent retail
businesses that aim to learn the customers personality.

The shop is owned by Alex Smith, a guy who always was inspired by independent shops.
The concept of the store is mostly around independent magazines, journals, books and
collaborating with a number of local makers and creatives Ideas on paper.
The space of the store makes it easy to take a look on whatever interests designers 
mostly but I advise you to come alone its too small for people to bother you, its full of goodies aaaand he serves coffee.

For a closer look follow them on :
Instagram : Ideas_on_Paper
Twitter : @Ideas_on_Paper

Friday, September 12, 2014

A good example of advertising

Not my favorite choice of jewelry.. but they have presented a very good example of creative advertising

Have A blessed Friday