Monday, July 15, 2013

Its all about Gaudi

Barcelona and its architectural inspiration I bet its an architect's favorite city.
Antoni Gaudi i Cornet was a spanish Catalan architect. As some of you heard that Barcelona is part of the Catalonia part of Spain. His work is very concentrated in Barcelona the style is exquisite.

One of the most important pieces is the Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia an amazing church that Gaudi started working on the project 1883.
" My client is not in a hurry" 
Gaudi died and the project was only 25 percent done. The project was given to alot of artists and architects and was disrupted from lots of wars and death they assume that its wont be completed until 2028.

Park Guel is also a landscape that contains lots of his techniques. The park is located also in Barcelona he designed it in a way to bring the peace and calm parks are suppose to reflect. I absolutely loved it truly a must see. The focus point of the park is the fountain with a big dragon designed by his colorful Mosaic style. You will find alot of mosaic tiles on the walls and ceilings also on benches he made them to let people socialize and they can dry quickly after rain for them not to sit on wet benches.

In one of the highest points at the park you will be able to see a full panoramic view of Barcelona.

You should check more of his work and history its such an inspiration for designers.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Greet Your Family & Friends

You still have a chance to greet your loved ones by sharing our Ramadan Card especially made to spread the spirit.

Ramadan Kareem To all Our Viewers 

Superga for the Blonde Salad

Since March My love for sneakers became an obsession. Recently before I left to Milan I was hunting for fashion bloggers to publish an article Luckily I discovered the Blonde Salad her post was all about her collaboration for Superga. Normally Superga is not an option I would buy but her touch of Lace made them a crave I couldnt resist I had to add them to my collection. They were sold out on the website the only way I had the chance to get them was at the event which was IN MILAN a day after I arrive.

It was my first collaboration event abroad. The location was perfect as for the weather Im sure you are all aware of the Rinascente on the last floor. I wasnt able to take alot of pictures I was too occupied to get my pair.

 The shoes sold like crazy you will be able to find more pictures on her blog More pix of the shoes display and event

I finally got mine ..... They were available in 4 colors (white, baby blue, light pink and beige)
They run bigger than your normal size I couldnt find my size only in beige and white. I fell inlove with the beige.

Dont mind the socks